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Submission period is 15 June to 1 August

Welcome to the S.I.F.F. Battle of the Bands. We sincerely hope that this is a fun experience for everyone involved!

For those who are not familiar with the Battle of the Bands competition, it was put together with two things in mind:

  1.  To help promote S.I.F.F.
  2.  To encourage people to participate who do want to, or can't do, machinima. This is a competition primary of creativity and photography.

The Battle of the Bands is NOT a role play event set up for the community. This is a contest where winners are decided by the entire community. This means that while there is a role play element it is not, and should not be, the primary focus.

Due to a number of problems that have arisen as the event has grown bigger and bigger with each season, the rules have had to be revised. Please be sure to read all provided information. Hopefully all the changes will help make things more enjoyable for everyone involved.


SIFF Battle of the Bands


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