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Please stay tuned for site and forum updates that will hoepfully help make our collection of lessons, tips and tutorials easier to find when you need them. Our goal is to have things revamped by mid November, 2015 to go along with the many changes you have been hearing about.  Even though SIFF is moving out, we will still be supporting machinima makers. 

Machinima School is a collection of video tutorials, written guides and specific FAQ's and answers/solutions to common and not so common machinima questions. We will build on this over time in a variety of formats, so stay tuned.

As a first step we highly recommend that all machinima makers review Nittens' amazing tutorial series. If you really want to learn the basics and to improve your overall machinima making skills this is the place to start. They are all linked below.

Click HERE to get general tips and tutorials
Click HERE for BEGINNER lessons
Click HERE to go to our YouTube Machinima School Playlist

Tutorials by Nittens
NEW Sims 4 Series

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